British MP supports Adala UK’s search for justice for young Saharawi murder victim

British MP Alain Browns has urged the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to speak to the Moroccan Ambassador to the UK regarding the necessity for an independent investigation into the death of Minatu Sheikh, a young woman murdered in the occupied city of Dahkla.

In response, Alistair Burt MP, the Minister of State for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, emphasised that the British Foreign Office was aware of Minatu’s death and outlined that the local district attorney’s office had given a private declaration that the autopsy had shown that there was no evidence of physical or sexual violence and that the results showed that the cause of death was drowning.

British NGO Adala UK contradicts this response from the authorities of the Kingdom of Morocco as they go against everything the same authorities have told the family of the victim. The Moroccan authorities insist that the case should be treated as a suicide as they argue that the young Saharawi was suffering from mental ill-health.

The family have not received any paperwork pertaining to the autopsy result and they are angry that their daughter’s body has been buried on the outskirts of the city without their prior knowledge. They take this act by the Moroccan authorities as a violation of the family’s human rights to know the truth about the circumstances surrounding their daughter’s death.

It should be noted that the Moroccan government has not taken serious steps to investigate the deaths of Saharawi citizens, many of whom are young, such as the case of Said Dambar, who was shot by a member of the Moroccan police.

You can see more information regarding the case of Minatu in this article on the Adala UK website.

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