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The USA's recent recognition of Moroccan sovereignty over the occupied territory of Western Sahara violates international law and long-standing treaties. All countries must stand against this new and unprecedented US stance, especially since Western Sahara, as outlined by numerous UN resolutions, is still considered a territory awaiting decolonisation by its...

Activists, demonstrators and journalists have been detained without arrest warrants following peaceful demonstrations which have been taking place since Thursday 12th November 2020. Many more are at risk of arbitrary detention. The day after the demonstrations, the Moroccan authorities launched a campaign of arbitrary detentions towards Saharawis who had participated,...

8th March is celebrated around the world as International Women’s Day, recognising the important role women play in the development of our societies.The Saharawi woman celebrates this day under the constant threat of attacks on her physical integrity, insults, sexual assault, kidnap, ridicule, beatings and other forms of humiliation, committed against...

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