Morocco / Western Sahara: the use of torture to incriminate citizens with differing views

During his visit to the Kingdom of Morocco and Western Sahara in September 2012, Juan Méndez, UN Special
Rapporteur on Torture, signaled that public prosecutors and judges rarely investigate complaints which allege the use of
torture to obtain evidence or confessions during the early stages of interrogations.
Juan Méndez stated: “The system for lodging complaints of acts of torture and maltreatment and for investigating,
prosecuting and punishing those responsible for such acts, seems to only exist in law (bar very few exceptions)…we
need to overcome this abyss between law and practice.”

AdalaUK, by means of one of its principal objectives, which is to raise awareness of the critical situation in which
Saharawis are living and the constant human rights violations taking place in Western Sahara, presents this written
contribution on torture, on the part of the Kingdom of Morocco which continues to use torture despite having signed
and ratified the Convention Against Torture and although the Moroccan Constitution and Moroccan law prohibits theuse of torture…READ FULL STATMENT

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