Alternative Report On the Occasion of the Human Rights Committee



The above-listed nongovernmental organizations and associations submit this report in
connection with the Committee’s review of the Kingdom of Morocco’s implementation of the
International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) in the Non-Self-Governing
Territory of Western Sahara. This report addresses the following rights enshrined in the
ICCPR: the rights to self-determination and to freely dispose of natural resources (Article 1);
the right to life (Article 6); the prohibition on torture (Article 7); the right to be protected from
arbitrary detention (Article 9); the right to humane treatment of persons deprived of their
liberty (Article 10); the right to freedom of movement (Article 12); the right to equality before
courts and tribunals and to a fair trial (Article 14); the right to privacy (Article 17); the rights
to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly (Articles 19 and 21); and the right to freedom
of association (Article 22).

Our review of the Committee’s prior Concluding Observations with regard to the Kingdom of
Morocco has revealed several gaps in the Committee’s treatment of the rights of the Sahrawi
people by Morocco. In this report, we provide information based on data gathered by the
signatories to this report, interviews with sources in Western Sahara, and publically available
research conducted in the territory by academics and NGOs. Many of our sources have
requested to remain anonymous over fears of harassment and detention if their identity is

We also include an analysis of the legal and historical framework that should guide this
Committee’s review with regard to violations of the ICCPR in Western Sahara. In this regard,
we believe that the Committee’s analysis of Israel’s violations of the Covenant in the
Occupied Territories is especially pertinent.1
We conclude each of the sections below with a list of recommendations we urge the
Committee to adopt.

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