Saharawi civil society invites you to take part in a demonstration in Geneva in March

“Friday 16th March, 11am, Place de les Nacions, Geneva”

The Saharawi people would like to invite you to give greater visibility to their cause and break the  information blockade imposed on the Western Sahara conflict  by the Kingdom of Morocco and its allies.

In 1963, Western Sahara, was included in the list of non-autonomous territories by the United Nations. In 1966, the UN General Assembly adopted its first resolution regarding the territory, asking Spain to organise – as quickly as possible and under UN  supervision  a referendum on self-determination. On 6 November 1975, the Kingdom of Morocco occupied and later annexed Western Sahara through the so called ‘Green March’. This was an act of aggression and violated the UN Charter.

The Saharawi people have a right to self-determination. As part of this, they have a right to exploit their own natural resources for the benefit of their own people. The illegal Moroccan occupation and annexation constitutes a serious violation of international law.

The aim of our demonstration is to remind the UN Human Rights Council of the rights of the Saharawi people. It will take place under the motto ‘Peace and Justice for the Saharawi people’.

For more than 40 years, the Saharawi people have been peacefully fighting for their right to self-determination, whilst the Moroccan Kingdom has been systematically violating their basic human rights.

If you are in Geneva on Friday 16th March, please join us.

With many thanks from all of Saharawi civil society

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