‏AdalaUK asked the Moroccan Justice Minister to improve prison conditions for Saharawi Political prisoners

Mr. Mohamed Aujjar

Minister of Justice.

Ministère de la Justice et des Libertés

Place de la Mamounia, BP 1015, Rabat – Maroc

London, 07th of November 2017

I am honoured to address you in order to express Adala UK’s serious concern about the situation of Saharawi prisoners.

According to information, we have received, on 1 November 2017, the administration of Tiflt prison number 2 carried out a surprise transfer to a mental clinic of Saharawi prisoner Brahim Ismaili without having medically examined him previously.

Brahim Ismaili had been on hunger strike to protest against the violations of his fundamental rights in prison. His daughter Malika visited her father on 1 November and reported the terrible conditions he was suffering. At this point, the administration decided to isolate him in the mental clinic. No examination was carried out to determine whether the prisoner needed this transfer. Moreover, the clinic does not have adequate hygiene levels in order to receive a prisoner on hunger strike and thus in a very weak state of health. Brahim Ismaili also suffers from hemorrhoids and respiratory problems. To receive the medical treatment he needs, he will need to receive care in an external hospital, outside of the prison.

The decision to isolate Brahim seems to only serve the purpose of intimidating him and unnecessarily punishing him. It is cruel treatment and a violation of his fundamental human rights.

We trust that the Ministry is able to complete its work without any obstructions. However, Adala UK regularly receives reports of Saharawi prisoners who are treated inhumanely and receive cruel punishments during their time in prison.

We would like to ask you to investigate the above case and take the necessary measures to ensure that Morocco upholds international norms for the humane treatment of prisoners.

Yours sincerely.

Mr. Nick Dylan

Adala UK`s Vice-president.

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