Morocco: UNHRC Periodic Review 2016, Report submitted by Adala UK


Between February and October 2014, members of Adala UK in Western Sahara
interviewed more than 300 Saharawi children aged 4-17 and families living in
the Occupied Territories to investigate the difficulties faced by Saharawi
children. In October and November 2014, another member of Adala UK, visited
the Occupied Territories and interviewed children, verifying the situation in
schools as published by Adala UK…..

This report concentrates on abductions, detentions and violence to which
Sahrawi children are subjected. From all the interviews, we have selected
certain statements to represent a range of the human rights violations suffered.
Some testimonies had to be omitted as many families are too afraid to publish
their claims. A common thread in all interviews was the fears held by the
Sahrawi children, as well as the daily verbal, psychological and physical abuse
to which they are subjected.

In the cities where the interviews took place a large presence of Moroccan
authorities, both uniformed and plain-clothes, was noted by members of Adala
UK in Western Sahara. During many of the interviews, police cars and officers
surrounded the family house. Through constant intimidation, the Moroccan
occupation forces try to instil fear in order to prevent the families and children
from making their claims…..READ FULL REPORT

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