Urgent Action:Abdalah Boukiod

Urgent Action: Political Prisoner on Hunger Strike
Abdallah Boukyoud

Abdallah Boukyoud

Abdalah Boukiod’s health has reached a critical state after 30 days of being on hunger strike. He initiated this to protest against bad prison conditions (Ait Maloul prison does not meet minimum international standards of hygiene), torture and physical abuse at the hands of prison officers at Ait Maloul prison in Agadir, Morocco.

Prison authorities have not given him the opportunity to negotiate his demands and have not provided him with medical attention. According to witnesses, Abdalah Boukiod is very weak and in a critical state. Adala UK fears that he is at risk of death if he does not receive medical attention immediately.
Adala UK considers Abdalah Boukiod a political prisoner who was detained simply for peacefully exercising his right to freedom of expression. We reported on the background to his case earlier this month: https://adalauk.org/2014/06/03/political-prisoner-receives-prison-sentence-in-unfair-trial/
Please join us in writing immediately in Arabic, French or your own language to the Moroccan Justice Secretary, asking him for the immediate and unconditional release of Abdalah Boukiod and to provide him with the necessary medical attention. Please ask for an independent investigation into claims of torture and ill-treatment at Ait Maloul prison, to publish of the results and to hold those responsible to account.
Please send your appeals to :
Moustafa Rmaidi, Moroccan Ministry of Justice
Fax : 0021 2537 26 31 03
Email : cabinet@justice.gov.ma


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