One of the main aims of Adala UK is to be a legitimate source of documentation of human rights violations committed against the Saharawi people. We do this by compiling reports on specific issues. Below are our previous reports.


Adala UK Saharawi Prisoners Report – February 2015

Saharawi political prisoners in Moroccan prisons are denied basic medical care by the prison authorities, live in terrible conditions and are subjected to torture. As a result, detainees suffer severe health issues which have led to the deaths of several prisoners in detention. This report contains details on many cases of medical negligence and prison conditions.


Visit Report by member of Adala UK to the Occupied Territories

Isabel Lourenço, (member of Adala UK and Fundación Sahara Occidental) visited Western Sahara and Morocco in October/November 2014 as an international observer to attend the court appeals of the Saharawi political prisoners Abdelmotalib Sarir, Mohamed Barber, Alyien Moussaoui and Abdallahi Boukioud. During her visit she was followed by police, filmed and photographed and detained by the authorities.
Isabel’s report gives an outsider’s perspective on the situation in Western Sahara for those interested in finding out more.



Convention contre la torture et autres peines ou traitements cruels, inhumains ou dégradants Version provisoire non-éditée.

M. Ennaâma Asfari: Comité contre la torture: Décision adoptée par le Comité en vertu de l’article 22 de la Convention, concernant la communication no 606/2014*,**

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