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Adala UK condemns arbitrary detention of young Sahrawi Hamza Al Ansari

Moroccan authorities have detained Hamza Al Ansari, who is known as an activist who regularly participates in peaceful demonstrations, demanding self-determination for Western Sahara. He was detained for trying to join a group of Saharawis who wanted to celebrate the freedom of ex-prisoners of the ‘Gdeim Izik’ group in the Western Saharan capital last Friday, and transferred to the ‘black prison’ in El Aaiun. Continue reading

The trial of the Gdiem Izik Group of Saharawi political prisoners is a clear example of the failings of the judicial system in the Kingdom of Morocco; a system that is neither just nor independent. 

The long sentences imposed on each of the political prisoners reflects the practice of the Moroccan authorities to continually ignore national and international legislation.

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Calls for the immediate release of soldier Ahmed Aliouat: victim of racism and an unfair trial

On 4 July, Ahmed Aliout was sentenced to life imprisonment by Moroccan military court. Ahmed is a soldier of Saharawi origin in the Moroccan army and was accused of communicating with ‘the enemy’ via social media networks. His case represents a cruel human rights violation and a huge miscarriage of justice.  Continue reading