US Congress welcomes Adala UK delegation

Washington, D.C. has welcomed Adala UK in a series of successful meetings, undertaken with members of the United States House of Representatives, policy groups and civil societies. As the 114th Congress draws to a close and with it the administration of President Barack Obama, the opportunity arises to create early channels and opening dialogue with figures who will be influential in the new administration.

A lack of journalistic access in Western Sahara has created a black hole of information therefore we have been presenting evidence of systematic human rights abuses committed by Moroccan forces in Western Sahara throughout 2016, including a full report of largely primary data collated detailing the appalling abuse of Saharawi political prisoners. Our meetings in the House of Representatives and the Senate bring to light the suffering of Saharawis in their own words.

We are determined to have all human rights abuses in Western Sahara to account and we stand in solidarity with all Saharawis who are determined to be heard through peaceful protest.


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