Adala UK Activists Arrive for Meetings in Washington, D.C.

Adala UK arrived in Washington, D.C. on 6th December 2016 in preparation for talks with officials from the Obama administration, civil liberties groups and policy advocates in an effort to raise awareness of human rights abuses in Western Sahara. Adala UK activists presented their report on the conditions of Saharawi political prisoners throughout 7th December 2016 and enjoyed open exchanges of ideas concerning human rights monitoring and the impediments to the freedom of the peoples of Western Sahara. 

Adala UK’s decision to visit Washington, D.C. was based on its ability to address all three branches of the United States Federal Government – Congress, the Presidency and the Supreme Court – alongside hundreds of NGOs, international organizations and interest groups in one place. Adala UK is delighted to have met with so many people who support the basic principle that all people are entitled to their human rights including the right to freedom of speech and peaceful assembly as stated in the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

Under the watchful eye of the magnificent memorials of Lincoln and Washington, Adala UK is appealing across the political spectrum for an end to the frequent abuses of Saharawi rights by the security forces in Western Sahara operating under instruction from the Kingdom of Morocco. Evidence of the systematic attempts to silence peaceful protest and inflict barbaric punishments upon those who seek to live their lives with dignity and respect will continue to be presented over the coming days with rowing determination. Adala UK seeks to ensure that the people of Western Sahara can and will be heard despite the draconian measures implemented by the Kingdom of Morocco to prevent journalist or activist endeavours aimed at exposing the reality of life for Saharawis in Western Sahara.

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