Monthly Archives: October 2016

Hackers target activists defending the right to self-determination in Western Sahara

A group of hackers who support the Moroccan government’s occupation of Wstern Sahara has been the source of a wave of attacks targeting pro-Saharawi organisations, including Adala UK, targeting the emails and social media accounts of Saharawi activists.

 Saharawi activists in the Occupied Territories of Western Sahara say they have been hacked regularly by individuals trying to access their online communications and networks. The hackers have also targeted groups who support the self-determination of Western Sahara but who work outside of the Occupied Territories. Continue reading

Morocco continues to expel pro-Saharawi activists and international observers from Western Sahara

Dozens of activists, journalists and international observers have attempted to enter the occupied city of El Aaiún via the international airport in response to calls from the Saharawi NGO community to lift the block imposed by Morocco on the area and in order to participate in non-violent resistance activities against the Moroccan occupation.


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