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Nazha El-Khalidi, a Saharawi journalist, describes her experience in custody of the Moroccan police


Nazha El Khalidi

She was detained on 21 August 2016 on Fem Lwad beach in the West of the Western Saharan capital by members of the Royal Moroccan police force and taken to a detention centre at its headquarters. She was at a protest, with her small camera trying to cover the events and the abuses committed by the Moroccan security forces against the Saharawi population, who demand respect for their legitimate right to self-determination.

‘They came to arrest the protestors who were there, but later they detained everyone including the journalist Nezha. They pushed them into a van, hitting them too. We realised the whole area was surrounded by security agents, as if they had come to arrest a group of terrorists’ recounts a witness. Continue reading

Recent murder of Mohamed Fadel is an example of widespread violence by Moroccan settlers against Saharawi population 

Mohamed Fadel uld Jatri uld Ahnan (27) was murdered on 10th August by a Moroccan settler, in the city of Dakhla in occupied Western Sahara. The Moroccan sprayed chemical acid in Mohamed’s face and then stabbed him with a knife. Mohamed died later that day in Dakhla hospital. The Saharawi population immediately held a protest outside the hospital which was violently put down by the Moroccan forces.
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Brahim Saika buried without his family’s consent and without clarifying the cause of his death

img_4406-2Brahim Saika, the young Saharawi trade unionist and leader of the Coordination of unemployed Saharawis, who was arbitrarily detained by the Moroccan forces on 1st April and died in detention on 15th April as reported by Adala UK, was buried on 4th August at 7.30pm. His family were only informed 15 minutes before the burial was due to be held and had not given their consent.
To date, the Moroccan forces had refused to conduct an autopsy to determine the cause of Brahim Saika’s death and they had offered his family 700,000 Moroccan dirham (US$ 70,000) to sign the agreement to have him buried without an autopsy, according to reports from his family to Adala UK

A video of Khadija’s interview can be found here: video Continue reading