Update on Brahim Saika case

khadijaOn Friday 6 May, Brahim Saika’s sister presented a petition to the Bouizakarne prison administration, asking for her brother’s medical records as well as his belongings. Some of Brahim’s belongings had already been returned to the family, excluding the shirt which he wore on the day of his detention and on which his sister and mother had observed blood stains during a visit to him on 5 April. His watch and keys are also still missing. Particularly his shirt could be used as evidence, providing further proof that Brahim was tortured in police detentionwas tortured in police detention in Gulmim.

His sister told Adala UK that she asked the prison director specific questions to find out what had happened during the days when her brother was held in prison, e.g. whether her brother had hit his head against the wall or against the iron bars in his cell door. The prison director told her that Brahim had behaved ‘normally’ and had stayed calm and composed during his detention, until he was taken to Gulmim regional hospital and later Hassan II Hospital in Agadir.
Adala UK continues to demand an independent and impartial investigation into the circumstances of Brahim Saika’s death.

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