Adala UK announces support from University of Cambridge students

fd146b7706d9ae5ac6594356592f0592_400x400Students at the world famous University of Cambridge have formed a society dedicated to supporting the Saharawi people in their continuing calls for self-determination. The media blackout imposed by the Moroccan government means that the dissemination of information is of great importance and ‘Adala UK Cambridge’ aims to raise awareness amongst students, scholars and the local population of human rights violations that have become a daily occurrence in Western Sahara.

Mr Nicholas Pye, the administrator and secretary of ‘Adala UK Cambridge’, is a final year Sociology student at the University of Cambridge and is passionate about the need for urgent action. “As I began to understand the facts surrounding the current situation in Western Sahara, the history of the Moroccan and Mauritanian occupation in 1975 and the continuing injustice facing Saharawi people on a daily basis, I became determined to do whatever I could to help. The fact that these injustices can go on despite full international condemnation is inexplicable and there can be no excuse for their continuation.”

Mr Pye has suggested that there may be simple actions that can be taken to further the cause, “I feel strongly that as more people become aware of the situation in Western Sahara, the actions of the Moroccan government and the statis surrounding the UN mission – MINURSO – the more irresistible will become the calls for self-determination. Every single person I have spoken to has been shocked by the situation in Western Sahara and I believe that this can be crucial to winning a referendum for the nation. It is a little known area of the world and its politics even less so, despite its proximity to popular UK holiday destinations. Raising awareness can only be beneficial.”

The society intends to arrange a series of talks within the famous halls of Cambridge University and will be looking to invite speakers who can bring the cause of Western Sahara to a diverse audience of students, academics and local residents in an effort to support Saharawis in the occupied territories.

2 responses to “Adala UK announces support from University of Cambridge students

  1. please provide more information on these events organized by Cambridge

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