The Trial of Saharawi Activist Embarek Daoudi, 09/03/2015

wpid-received_1039424172740593.jpeg.jpgThe Saharawi activist, Embarek Daoudi was, on 9th March, on trial at the Criminal Court of First Instance in Goulimin (Southern Morocco).

Daoudi entered the courtroom holding a Saharawi flag, chanting pro-self-determination slogans. In his statement, Daoudi told in detail how he along with several members of his family, were kidnapped in September 2013. People wearing hoods and carrying machine guns barged violently into his house whilst he protested the false and unfounded accusations made against him. He was later moved to a prison in Rabat and detained under military law, without explanation. His sons were also taken to the prison.

According to the first reports, the sentence was given just a few hours into the trial. He was sentenced to three months in prison and a fine of 1000 Dirham.

Daoudi has already spent 17 months in prison (in Salé prison in Rabat, Morocco), where he had been awaiting a military trial.

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