Adala UK presents reports to the UN in Geneva

Sidi Ahmed and Isabel in GenevaOn 12 and 13 February, Adala UK presented its recent reports regarding the situation in the Occupied Territories of Western Sahara to the UN in Geneva. The reports concerned the everyday reality of Sahrawi children under the occupation and the violation of their rights by the Moroccan authorities, as well as a detailed account of Sahrawi political prisoners, including: illegal trials, the state of their health and the recent deaths of Sahrawis in custody, including Mohamed Lamin Haidala.

Adala UK’s President, Sidi Ahmed Fadel, and the Adala UK European Coordinator for Political Prisoners, Isabel Lourenço, met with representatives from the UN Office of the High Comissioner for Human Rights as well as with representatives from Swiss civil society organisations and diplomatic representatives.

Adala UK once again denounces the systematic violations committed by the Kingdom of Morocco through their illegal occupation of Western Sahara, specifically those violations concerning International Treaties, Agreements and Laws which protect children and human rights.

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