Police Harassment of the Daoudi Family

On 4 and 5 December, several Adala UK members in Europe and the Occupied Territories of Western Sahara attempted to speak to the Daoudi family in order to obtain signed documents from them regarding the urgent action to save the life of Mbarek Daoudi, who is currently on hunger strike in Salé prison.

After several failed attempts to contact them by phone, the sister of a member of Adala UK who was in Guelmim went to the Daoudi family home where there was a large police presence. The police questioned her as she entered, but allowed her to enter the house. Whilst at the house, she told the family what they must write and sign but she didn’t leave the house with the documents for fear of being caught by the police. Instead, one of Mbarek’s sons was able to leave and meet a friend who photographed the documents and emailed them out.

The Moroccan authorities are preventing Mbarek Daoudi’s family from living their lives. Their phones are blocked and their street and house are under constant surveillance, with a police van parked outside their house in order to intimidate the family and several plain clothes police officers also patrolling their neighbourhood.

Members of Adala UK in Western Sahara are being followed by the Moroccan authorities.

Adala UK expresses its concern for the security of its members and their families in Western Sahara, drawing particular attention to the casse of the Daoudi family who are victims of police harassment.

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