Activists kidnapped on Saturday denounce torture and police violence

2014-10-27_00.15.06A few days ago, Adala UK published information about the kidnapping of Saharawi activists and journalists. Yesterday, the victims of the kidnapping reported that they had been taken out of the city and subjected to beatings.
Adala UK members who were able to visit the victims in their homes confirmed that they were in a critical state and had scars all over their bodies. Adala UK was also able to collect photographic evidence.
Below you can read a victim’s testimony:
‘They blindfolded and handcuffed us and took us to a place outside the city in the desert. We were not allowed to tell our families where we were. Five members of the Moroccan police started beating me with cables, wooden sticks and batons.

We were beaten repeatedly and each of us was interrogated about their activities and where we publish our videos. During the interrogations we were punched in the face, hit on the head and other sensitive parts of our bodies with sticks. Eventually, they left us unable to move in the desert.’
Torture is so widespread in the Moroccan police system that in many police stations there is an officer ‘responsible for torture’.
Morocco has to investigate all allegations of torture and bring all those police staff responsible to justice.

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