Sahrawi political prisoner in life threatening situation 



The 20 year old Saharawi political prisoner, Brahim Daoudi, detained in Inzegan prison, is in a serious health condition. According to information from his family he was diagnosed with tuberculosis earlier this month, but did not receive any treatment. On 13 October he slipped into a coma for more than three hours, after which he was taken to a hospital where he was given treatment for his asthma. He was then returned to his cell, which he shares with another 72 prisoners: in a confined space they must all sleep side by side, like sardines in a tin.

Brahim Daoudi was brutally beaten on 7 July by prison guards after he demanded to speak with his family on the phone (a right granted to prisoners once a week but that is denied at will by the prison administration). On 25 July he was taken to the hospital without the knowledge of the family, where he was given pills, but was not informed of his diagnosis, nor what the medication was that he was being given. He then spent several days in the hospital ward. 

Brahim is thus the second confirmed case of tuberculosis among the Saharawi political prisoners.

Abdeslam lomadi

Abdeslam lomadi

Abdeslam Ellomadi, detained in Ait Melloul, also suffers from tuberculosis and was tortured for hours alongside other prisoners in the Black Prison of El Aiun on 17 September 2014. The torture took place in the prison yard in front of all the guards and prisoners, with the active participation of the prison warden. On 20 September he was taken by force to the prison of Ait Melloul without shoes or any belongings. He too shares an overcrowded cell.

Sidi Abdoljalil laarossi

Sidi Abdoljalil laarossi

Sidi Abdejalil Laaroussi, the Saharawi political prisoner detained at 1 Sale in Rabat is another case of medical emergency: he has been suffering from nose bleeds on a daily basis for months with very high blood pressure, headaches and severe abdominal pain, among other symptoms. 

Abdallahi Boukioud, arrested in Ait Melloul who has been on hunger strike several times, one for 67 days, is another case of medical emergency. 

All Saharawi political prisoners are victims of serious medical negligence. 

Adala UK urges the international community to investigate these situations and force the Kingdom of Morocco to respect the rights of the Saharawi political prisoners.

TB cases endanger the entire prison population and the fact that those suffering from the disease are not separated from other prisoners and properly treated is a criminal act.

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