disrespect of basic rights of the saharawi political prisoners continues



The trial of Mr. Abdallahi Boukioud, Saharawi political prisoner detained in Ait Melloul prison, was once again postponed, and is now scheduled for the 20th of October 2014.

Mr. Boukioud is 27 years old and was detained on the 27th of October 2013 in Laayoune; he was sentenced to 4 years imprisonment in his first court appearance. 

This human right’s activist was subjected to torture, ill treatment, medical neglect, harassment and racism. In May 2014 he held an open hunger strike for 67 days after which he was forced fed by the Moroccan authorities. 

Although he maintained the hunger strike his situation did not change and the prison authorities didn’t attend any of his demands. His health is seriously compromised since he did not receive medical care. On September 23rd 2014 he started anew an open hunger strike, which ended on October 2nd 2014. On October 6th he restarted his hunger strike after being informed that he would be presented to court on October the 13th without the presence of a defence attorney. 

Adala UK demands that immediate actions are taken in order to assure the respect of the prisoner’s rights and in particular medical attention. The health of the Saharawi political prisoners is appalling, most of them suffered severe torture and continue to be ill treated, imprisoned with the general population in overcrowded cells, without ventilation or minimal sanitary conditions, or medical assistance. 

It is urgent that an international medical organization visits the Saharawi political prisoners and assures that they receive adequate treatment.

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