AdalaUK urges the Moroccan authorities to conduct an immediate investigation into the death of Brahim Bada Uald Taher


Image of the corpse of the young Saharawi Brahim and the Moroccan army

On the night of Saturday 12 July 2014, the Moroccan army killed the young Saharawi Brahim Bada Uald Taher in Um Drayga, 360km south east of El Aiún. Brahaim was travelling by car which came under fire from the Moroccan army, who were using live ammunition. He was shot in the head and died immediately.

In an attempt to cover up the crime, the soldiers took the body and dumped it 150km away, according to accounts by the victim’s family which they relayed to members of AdalaUK.

It is important to note at this point that the Moroccan occupation forces have continued in their attacks against Saharawi citizens, using live ammunition against the Bedouins living near the ‘wall of shame’ which separates the two parts of Western Sahara.

Members of AdalaUK were at the city hospital with members of the victim’s family together with other Saharawi citizens who had come together chanting slogans condemning the crimes committed by the occupation, remaining in solidarity with the resistance movement which continues to call for independence.

It is essential that independent and impartial investigations are carried out. The Moroccan authorities have a pitiful track record in guaranteeing truth and justice regarding investigations into human rights violations. It is imperative that a rigorous investigation takes place in order to ensure that the authorities do not commit such acts again.

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