Increasing concern over the Moroccan Occupation’s repression of Saharawi demonstrations

اعتداء بالقوة على نساء صحراوياتAdalaUK today condemns the harsh repression unleashed against peaceable demonstrations in El Aiún, the occupied capital of Western Sahara. Members of AdalaUK were eye witnesses on 6 June to the Moroccan police using excessive force to break up a demonstration, including throwing stones, using metal truncheons, sticks, abusive language and other humiliating tactics in order to disperse the dozens of protestors who were seeking the release of Saharawi political prisoners and the self-determination of the Saharawi people.

 Dozens of protestors were brutally attacked and taken by car by the police to be dumped at the edge of the Wad Sagia Lake, approximately 4km from the city centre. Among those taken was Ayub Tarig who is just 16 years old.

 These protestors have the right to peaceably demonstrate and Morocco violates international human rights norms every time it represses of the freedoms of association and expression.

 AdalaUK asks Morocco for the immediate release of all people detained for peaceably exercising their rights.

Members of AdalaUK were able to visit the victims of the 6 June incident and put together the following list:

Ayub Garmat (16 años)

 Mohamed Taleb (anciano), lahbib Salhi (Anciano),Mohamed Mazog, Mahfoda Lafkir, Sulaiman Baha, Abdalahi Boragaa, Hamadi Lfakhar, Dahan Lahuij, Lakhfawni Lwali, Najm Sidi, Mohamad Zwait, Mohamad Lamghaymad, Yahdiha Haimoda, Saadoni Ali, Fala Shtoki, Twailia Balgasm, Hadham Karkub, El Housen Nasiri, Hadad Saaid, Albudnani Kala, Niha Laabaidi, Badada Lahwaimad, Khalihana Lbambari, Nguiya Ment Lmahjub. 

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