Political prisoner receives prison sentence in unfair trial

Abdallah Boukyoud

Abdallah Boukyoud

Following an unfair trial at the court of appeal in Agadir, Morocco, a 4-year prison sentence was imposed on the Saharawi political prisoner Adbalah Boukiod (28). Prior to his trial, Adbalah had spent seven months in detention in Ait Melloul prison in Agadir.

He had been detained by Moroccan police, on the road connecting the cities of Smara and El Aiun on 27th October 2013, due to his participation in peaceable demonstrations in the city of Golmim in Southern Morocco at the end of September 2013. The cause for these demonstrations had been the death of a young Saharawi man called Rashid Shin, who had been shot by Moroccan police in Assa, in Southern Morocco (Adala UK reported on this incidence in September 2013).  

Family members of Adbalah Boukiod, who have spoken to Adala UK, have confirmed that Adbalah appeared in court whilst being on hunger strike. He had started this on 20th May, in protest against the maltreatment and torture at the hands of the police which he was subjected to in prison, as a result of repeating slogans, demanding the Saharawi people’s right to self-determination, in the courtroom.
Meanwhile, Morocco continues to deny the existence of political prisoners from Western Sahara, alleging that ‘nobody has ever been punished for simply expressing their opinion, even when this is contrary to that of the authorities.’
Adala UK calls on the Moroccan government to free all political prisoners, who are imprisoned simply for peacefully expressing their political convictions. Adala UK is very concerned about unfair trials for non-violent political prisoners, such as that of Adbalah Boukiod, during which ‘evidence’ obtained under torture is used as the basis for harsh prison sentences. 

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