Activist beaten by Moroccan police

Mahmod Hadad

Mahmod Hadad

Human rights activist and café owner Mahmod Hadad is in a serious state after being beaten by Moroccan police in El Aiun, on 8th May 2014. He was in his café on Smara Street, when two Moroccan police cars arrived and uniformed and plain clothes police officers started asking customers for their IDs. When Mohamad Hadad, a former political prisoner, protested, he was brutally beaten, as he later told members of Adala UK. He was transferred to El Aiun’s hospital and has serious head injuries as well as bruises all over his body.

Mahmod Hadad has called on all human rights organisations to visit the occupied territories of Western Sahara in order to denounce the serious human rights violations committed against the Saharawi population by the Moroccan state on a regular basis.

Adala UK is deeply concerned about the increase in the number of human rights violations against Saharawi citizens in Western Sahara.

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