Conference on campaign for the liberation of Saharawi political prisoners

photo-by-adalauk-membresAdala UK has participated in a conference in El Aiun, organised by the coordinator of the Gdeim Izik camp, following the announcement of the launch of a national and international campaign for the liberation of Saharawi political prisoners. Several other Saharawi NGOs and media representatives also attended the conference.

Conference attendees stressed the importance of the campaign and expressed their support for all political prisoners and their families. Adala UK announced its participation in the campaign and the intention to intensify awareness raising activities in the UK. In their presentations, Adala UK members Sidi Ahmed Maska and Salha Boutanguiza highlighted the serious health issues which many political prisoners suffer due to bad prison conditions and the deliberate denial of medical attention by the Moroccan prison authorities. This information is based on a recent report, published by Adala UK, on the health status of Saharawi political prisoners in Moroccan prisons. The report is the result of visits to Moroccan prisons to interview prisoners, as well as on interviews with their family members. Copies of the report were distributed at the end of the conference.

There was also an exhibition of photos of political prisoners and ‘disappeared’ people.

A strong presence of uniformed and plain clothes Moroccan police officers was observed in the area where the conference was held.




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