Violent Intervention by Moroccan Police against peaceful demonstrators in El Aaiun, occupied capital city of Western Sahara 02, 05 and 10/04/2014


Mohamad Azait (victim of Moroccan police violece) photo by members Adalauk

10/04/2014 The Saharawi population took to the streets in order to demonstrate peacefully for a broadening of the functions of MINURSO (the UN Mission for a Referendum in Western Sahara) to include a mechanism to monitor human rights. The demonstration was supposed to take place in Smara Street, one of the main streets of El Aiun, the capital city of occupied Western Sahara.

However, only a few Saharawis managed to reach the agreed location due to a road block. The Maatala area of the city was blocked completely, with a large presence of Moroccan military vehicles, auxiliary forces and police in the area.
Only 10 minutes after the demonstration’s agreed start time at 6pm, uniformed and plain clothes members of the Moroccan forces brutally attacked a group of Saharawi activists who were chanting slogans, demanding respect for human rights. As a result of this violent intervention, dozens of Saharawi citizens were seriously injured. Later, the Moroccan forces pursued other Saharawis who were trying to reach the location of the demonstration.
Two members of Adala UK, Salima Obaid and Salha Boutanguisa, were pushed, insulted and subjected to other humiliating treatment by the Moroccan police.

Adala UK members who were present at the scene, confirmed that the Moroccan forces used excessive force against demonstrators and intimidated women by pulling their hair or dragging them through the streets, as in the case of Mahfoda lafkir, Hadham Azraiguinat, Ahjaboha Laakaik, Fatimato Lakhfawni, Arghiya Karkob, Afatma Alakawi, Azaina Shtoki, Magbola Haimad, Akhyarhom Aalaia, Am lakhwat Lhasni, Almamiya Aaiash, Am Saad Halab, Kabara Babait, Atwilia Lgasmi and Alghalia Ban Ali.
The majority of victims were transferred to hospital in civilian cars due to a lack of medical assistance and a lack of ambulances in the area of the demonstration.
Adala UK members visited victims in hospital, which was surrounded by Moroccan plain clothes security personnel.
list of victims of the latest Protest:
Mosa Lansari (With disabilities)

Lhbib Salhi (71 years old ), Bamba Lafkir (70 years old ),Sidi Mohamad Alwali (69 years old), Mohamad abas shtoki (73   years old), Najam (70 years old) Mohamad lamin ndour (68  years old)   Jadahlo wald Talb, Shkrad Dadi, Fatma Ashtoki, Izana Amaidan, Mahfoda Lafkir, Bojlal Mohamed salem, Hasna Bala wlhaj, Salem Anomria, Fatma Aziar, Abdalah Boragaa, , ali saadoni, Hamza Alfilali, Nordin Alargobi, Ahmad Ahmid, Aniha Alkotb, Lmina Atalbi, Zolikha Aswayah, Sokaina Aswayah, Azahra Saloki, Anajam Sidi, Adwia Sidi Amar, Alkarkar Alhiba, Sliman Brih, Argaibano Lahwij, Khadjato Swayah, Akhyarham Ali, Hadham Azrayguinat, Alkawriya Asaaidi, Aswayah Nabghoha, Mamia Aiash, Mohamad lamin Ahl Talab, Hadham Faraik, Hadham Lamjid, Ahjaboha La3kaik, Fatimato Lakhfawni, Mohamad lamin Zait, Mohamad lamin Andor, Azaina Ashtoki, Magbola Haimad, Ali Baiba Lambarki, Hamadi Lfakhar, Mohamad Marzok, Mohamad Abas, Slaiman Baha, Baba Ahmad Baija, Arghiya Karkob, Akhyarhom Alia, Amlakhot Alhasni, Atawbali Algasmi, Sidi Alfakrawi, Mohamad Ali Amraizik, Alaiat Babait, Lakhfawni Lwali, Alghalia Banali, Almamia Aiash, Biaiha Laarosi, Fatma Laakawi, Kabara Babait, Amsaad Halab.

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