Arbitrary detention of 19 year old student Mohamed Lamine Alboudani, in El Aiun, Western Sahara

By AdalaUK Members

By AdalaUK Members

Members of AdalaUK visited Mohamed at home where he relayed the incident, explaining how he was detained at 12 noon on 12th March 2014 by Moroccan plain clothes police officers driving a Toyota Prado, registration 127 416 having been forced to get out of his car.

He was later interrogated under torture about his political activities and his connection to the demonstrations organised by the Saharawi people in the Occupied Territories with the aim of reclaiming the rights of the Saharawi people, above all the right to self-determination.
His family went to the main Police Station in El Aiun when they became aware he was missing, but the authorities denied that he was in any of the city police stations.
In response the family made a complaint to the Public Prosecutor of the Court of Appeal in order to ascertain the whereabouts of their son and the reason for his detention.
At around 17.10 the same day, the police let Mohamed go without charge.
We at AdalaUK condemn these actions by the Moroccan authorities and the continuing human rights violations taking place in the Occupied Territories. We express our concern over these human rights violations and ask that human rights, enshrined in international law, be respected within the Moroccan Constitution.

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