Update on the health of LAROUSSI ABDELJALIL LEMGHAIMAD (Grupo Gdeim Izik), Sale prison.

2 November 2013



Over the last few days, the political prisoner LAROUSSI ABDELJALIL LEMGHAIMAD suffered a significant deterioration of health, suffering continual nose bleeds and elevated blood pressure which yesterday was registered as 22/12.
As a result of pressure and calls to save his life, LAROUSSI ABDELJALIL LEMGHAIMAD was yesterday visited by the directors of Sale 1 prison and a delegation made up of two members of the Moroccan Human Rights Board, doctors with responsibility for prisons and delegates of the Head Office of the Prison Services.
At this meeting they addressed LAROUSSI ABDELJALIL’s critical condition, the negligence committed by the directors of the prison and the degrading treatment he has received.
Following the meeting, he was moved to the Ibn-sina hospital where preliminary medical exams were conducted, which is when his severe hypertension was discovered.
LAROUSSI ABDELJALIL requires a full medical examination at a hospital equipped to deal with his condition.
While awaiting the decision of the delegation who interviewed him, it is necessary to continue to be vigilant over his case and exert pressure where possible in order to resolve this matter in the best way possible, as well as the case of his fellow inmates.
Last night, LAROUSSI ABDELJALIL was returned to prison and is still awaiting the necessary examination and treatment.

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