Javier Bardém presents Sons of the Clouds documentary in London

_MG_5340-001This week, Javier Bardém’s film ‘Sons of the Clouds‘, which documents the ongoing occupation of Western Sahara by Morocco, was shown at the London Spanish Film Festival. Director Álvaro Longoria and Producer Javier Bardém held an afternoon press conference for the media, politicians, NGOs and activists, which was attended by Adala UK. Adala was able to discuss several questions with the panel, including the situation in the occupied territories and the increasing frustration, felt particularly among young people, about the inactivity of the international community. When asked his opinion of how engaged the decision makers he met during filming were with the Western Sahara problem and how interested they were in actually changing the situation, Javier Bardém replied that he had witnessed a change in the attitude of the US, who were becoming more proactive in pushing for a referendum or the incorporation of a human rights monitoring mandate for MINURSO; however, he saw no hope for change in the position of  the French or Spanish governments. A panel discussion was also held following the evening screening. You can follow this link for a channel 4 interview with Javier Bardém about his film and his activism for the people of Western Sahara.
By Sidi Ahmed Fadel  (ADALAUK)

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