Peaceful protest organised in El Aíun, capital of Western Sahara.

photo taken by adalauk

photo taken by Sidi Ahmed Fadel (adalauk)

El Aíun, Western Sahara, 7 August 2013: Saharawis organised a peaceful protest on one of the main streets of the occupied El Aíun. The protest was attended by many people of different generations who demanded independence for Western Sahara and the release of Saharawi political prisoners. Furthermore, they denounced the political and media block by the Moroccan regime in the occupied territories.

A member of Adala UK was at the protest and was able to use his mobile phone to record the following videos. These show that the intervention by the Moroccan police, in various different uniforms, armed with sticks and stones, happened very quickly. Plain clothes police officers in the street where the protest took place forced people to show them the videos on their phones.

By Sidi Ahmed Fadel  (ADALAUK)

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