ADALA, takes part in an exhibition about Western Sahara, organised as part of an international festival around Africa and the Middle East by the University of Warwick (East London) UK.

The exhibition includes traditional handicrafts, books about the saharaui conflict and human rights, traditional clothes and traditional saharaui tea.The event was attended by a group of students and professors and the following points were highlighted: Sidi Breika asked for support for the fight against two barriers which pose a serious threat to the saharaui population. This refers to the 2,700km wall which contains more than 9 million anti-personne l mines and is covered in wire fencing, and which is guarded by hundreds of soldiers, tanks and radars.

This “wall of silence” is supposed to block the flow of information into and out of the occupied territories. It was obvious that many people had never heard about the conflict in Western Sahara, but many expressed an intention to find out more about the topic. Participants declared that it was disgraceful that colonialism still continued in the 21st century – Western Sahara is the last colony in Africa and the United Nations are still responsible for ensuring its definitive decolonisation.

ADALA, 2012.

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