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Peaceful protest by unemployed Saharawi graduates suppressed by Moroccan authorities On 31st August 2013, around 19.50, Moroccan authorities violently intervened in a peaceful demonstration of a group of unemployed Saharawi graduates to prevent them from exercising their right to peaceful protest and stop them from accessing the office of the...

Fam Lwad beach, Western Sahara: 25km from the capital city of occupied Western Sahara, El Aaiun, around 1am on Sunday 18th August 2013, dozens of Saharawi citizens organized a demonstration, demanding self-determination for the Saharawi people, by chanting independence slogans such as "Yes to self-determination", "Saharawis hand in hand towards...

London 27/07/2013 Morocco and the European Union have recently signed a fishing treaty covering a period of four years which includes the waters of the Western Saharan territory. The signing of this treaty signifies the exploitation of Western Sahara’s natural resources. The treaty itself goes against a consultation undertaken by...

Letter writing evening

Following Adala UK's talk at the Cambridge amnesty international group in March, a letter writing evening was held in Cambridge on Monday 29th April to write letters to the Moroccan authorities and the Moroccan Ambassador in London. (more…)

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